Sept 2018 – Won a free NIPS 2018 registration for being among the best reviewers.
June 2018
– We will be organizing the Belgium Netherlands Workshop on Reinforcement Learning (BeneRL) in Delft this November. 
June 2018
Two papers accepted at Planning and Learning (PAL) workshop @ ICML.
June 2018 Paper accepted at Exploration in Reinforcement Learning (ERL) workshop @ ICML.
June 2018 – Visiting ICAPS summer school & poster presentation at ICAPS.
May 2018 – Received a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship!
March 2018 – I’ll join the Search group of Leiden University on a part-time basis.
February 2018 – Gave a talk at the national ‘NIPS debriefing‘ (slides).
December 2017Paper accepted & poster presented at NIPS Deep RL symposium.
November 2017Paper accepted to ICRA & RA-L.
November 2017 – Gave a talk at BNAIC.
October 2017 – Visited the Reinforcement Learning Summer School.
October 2017 – Organized the Delft Workshop on Robot Learning on Oct 2nd.
September 2017Paper presented at ECML reinforcement learning workshop.
August 2017Survey article in Machine Learning Journal published.
April 2017 – Won Jan Hemelrijk award for best Dutch master’s thesis in Statistics of 2016.



I am a PhD student at the Artificial Intelligence group,  Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. I started late 2015, and my supervisors are Joost Broekens and Catholijn Jonker.

I am interested in long-term intelligent decision-making, and machine learning and AI in general. My research focuses on the intersection between reinforcement learning and tree search, especially to improve the exploration/exploitation trade-off. Earlier work focused on the same challenge from a Bayesian deep learning perspective.

Keywords: Reinforcement learning, machine learning, Monte Carlo Tree Search, (Bayesian) deep learning, variational inference, predictive uncertainty.



T.M. (Thomas) Moerland

E: T.M.Moerland(at)tudelft.nl


Delft University of Technology

Mathematics & Computer Science building,

Room W6.540

Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, 2628 XE, Delft

The Netherlands


Curriculum vitae :