I currently (co-) teach the below courses at Leiden University:

Academic skills website

I maintain a separate website on academic skills: https://www.academic-skills.org/

  • It gives advice on general topics such as Reading, Experimenting, Writing, and the BSc/MSc thesis process.
  • If you have any feedback on the website, feel free to let me know.

Lecture material

You may find some previous teaching material below.

Discrete Markov Decision Process & Dynamic Programming [Course: Symbolic AI, Bachelor AI, Leiden University]

Bandits [Course: Reinforcement learning, Bachelor AI, Leiden University]

Model-based reinforcement learning [Course: Reinforcement learning, Bachelor AI, Leiden University]

Continuous Markov Decision Process & Policy Search [Course: Reinforcement learning, Master CS, Leiden University]

Deep Learning  [Course: Computational Intelligence, TU Delft]